Introducing the future of imaging.

In 1963,

Baule and McFee made history.

They demonstrated the ability to record the biomagnetic signature of the heart, showing previously unseen and information-rich cardiac activity in a subject without any contact or energization required—a feat previously reserved for Science Fiction TV and Movies. The discovery was one of many brand-new clinical insights using the body's own energy as an indicator of health. Baule and McFee's novel insights blossomed into the field of biomagnetism.

In 2013,

Genetesis was founded.

Genetesis was founded with the goal of catalyzing this science from the lab to the clinic to enrich patient care and deliver powerful new tools to clinicians.

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We operate with a specific vision of the future in mind and are working tirelessly to provide efficient, patient-centric, and highly insightful biomagnetic solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.”

Vineet Erasala
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

How We’re Making It Possible

Patient & User Centric Focus

Genetesis believes that dedication to our end users, both patients and clinicians, is the key to developing lasting technological and workflow improvements to healthcare. As such, we seek constant and detailed feedback from our partners and customers, factoring in the needs of our users above all else. We strive for simplicity, robustness, and intuitiveness as foundational elements of all our imaging solutions in order to delight all who touch our technology.

How We’re Making It Possible

A Convergence of Technologies

World-renowned physicist Richard Feynman suggested that the greatest innovations are brought upon by expanding and implementing several mental models as opposed to taking one rigid worldview. At Genetesis, we have been able to go further than anyone before us in bringing biomagnetic science to market thanks to a convergence of a completely new generation of cutting-edge technologies: the advent of data science and machine learning, major advances in quantum sensing, and highly available cloud-based ecosystems.

As a team, we’re always looking ahead.

Through always focusing on our end users and constantly scanning disciplines across science and technology, we are building tools within our technology stack to enable advances in cardiology, oncology, neurology and beyond, in order to turn science fiction into reality, every day.

Welcome to the Biomagnetic Revolution.

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