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Interested in getting scanned? Right now we are offering scans across multiple registries at Mason’s CardioFlux Imaging Institute.


Women’s Assessed Cardiovascular Evaluation with MCG

Are you a Ms. Medicine patient?

Do you have a history of breast cancer, heart disease in your family, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking or diabetes?


Mason Heart Study

Are you an employee of the City of Mason?

Are you a member of law enforcement or EMS?


Magnetocardiography Endocrine Registry

Are you a patient of Dr. Pretorius?

Do you have any endocrine disorders that put you at risk of cardiovascular disease?


MCG as a Noninvasive
Diagnostic Strategy for Suspected CMD

Are you a patient of Dr. Quesada?

Have you been diagnosed with Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction?

Do you have a history of cardiac-related symptoms but no obstructive coronary artery disease?


Genetesis Accelerated Registry

Do you not fit any of the listed registries, but want to help further our research?

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