Results from the MICRO trial have been formally published and demonstrate MCG's ability to diagnose CMD.

The standard of care
has changed for ischemic
heart disease.

Detect functionally significant ischemia at its earliest stages - all in as little as 5 minutes - with the world’s first clinically ready MCG machine.

The MICRO2 Trial Has Launched.

Trial's first patient formally enrolled at Ascension St. John Hospital.

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Old Meets New

Trusted science meets brand new technology.

Magnetocardiography is the science that enables CardioFlux to measure the natural magnetic fields produced by the heart. We’re bringing 40 years of proven science into the heart of hospital workflows by improving the most limiting aspects of the technique.

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CardioFlux promises diagnostic
certainty without the burden.

Significantly earlier detection of chest pain patients means less time testing - and more time treating -
underlying disease.

Without CardioFlux

An ECG and initial troponin draw are taken.

A second troponin test is taken and results are compared with the first.

Downstream testing often requires waiting hours for technician availability and cardiology review.

Based on symptoms and risk factors, patients are often kept in an obs unit overnight before being sent home.

Stress testing requires 90 minutes to prepare and complete in a stress lab.

Although sent home, chest pain patients are often left with "inconclusive" results and "atypical" symptoms, often repeating the process of seeking a diagnosis in the near future.

With CardioFlux

An initial ECG and troponin draw are taken.

A CardioFlux scan is performed in five minutes and requires no stress.

A second troponin test is taken and results are compared with the first.


If necessary, a diagnosis is made. With fewer tests and less time spent waiting, efficient diagnosis means more effective triage and earlier discharge for chest pain patients.

Hear directly from doctors.

Over and over, physicians keep saying CardioFlux is the non-invasive functional test that they have been searching for.

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‍“[CardioFlux] will cut down the patient’s length of stay, cost to hospitals and it will be safer because it could cut down on risks like hospital acquired infections, radioactive dye and potential treadmill injury.”

Dr. Margarita Pena, MD, FACEP

Observation Unit, Ascension St. John Hospital

"We've been waiting for 20 years to get to this point. Having a non-invasive test is going to able to help us identify these patients more readily and more easily, and will go a long way."

Dr. Edouard Daher

Director of Catheterization Lab,Ascension St. John Hospital

"The benefits of CardioFlux are numerous including reduction in cost and necessary radiation, shortening length of stay and increasing convenience without compromising safety."

Dr. Robert Takla

Medical Director & Chair of Emergency Medicine, Ascension St. John Hospital

"While previous studies of magnetocardiography have yielded promise in the detection of coronary artery disease, this is the first time a scalable iteration of this technology has been made available to emergency medicine in their difficult task of diagnosing ACS."

Dr. Alisa Niksch

Pediatric Cardiologist at Tufts Medical Center

“The [Breakthrough] process combined with reimbursement policy as part of the CardioFlux FDA Pathway will provide immediate access to this safe, noninvasive and radiation-free diagnostic technology for our patients.”

Dr. Simon Mahler, MD, MS, FACEP

Emergency Medicine Physician and Professor at Wake Forest Baptist Health

“CardioFlux is in a unique position to rule out myocardial ischemia in an emergency room scenario, since the rapid test requires no contact with the patient, no IV, no injection and can be performed with social distancing. This is what we need now.”

Dr. Randall Wolf, MD, FACC

Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Houston Methodist Hospital


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Vineet Erasala

Co-Founder & COO, Genetesis