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Ischemia isn't simple.
Characterizing it can be.

CardioFlux is the only imaging solution for non-invasive cardiologists to detect both epicardial and microvascular dysfunction in a single test.

CardioFlux® is effectively non-contact and completely radiation-free, ionizing or non-ionizing. Other than the bed, nothing contacts the patient before, during or after a scan.
90 Seconds
Once the patient is comfortably inside, CardioFlux requires only 90 seconds of scanning time.
Simple Interpretation
Results are presented as magnetic field maps which the readercan play back in millisecond increments to identify potentialabnormalities in cardiac electrical function related to ischemia.

Better by design.

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🖥️ Purpose-Built for Your Clinical Workflow

We're building a fully-integrated clinical workflow.

It’s easy to integrate CardioFlux into your clinical pathways. CardioFlux comes with an out-of-the-box workflow that is simple to operate and even simpler to administer.

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"The team at Genetesis is pioneering a new era for medical imaging with an initial focus that is truly revolutionary for cardiovascular health."

Ajay Royan

Managing General Partner & Co-Founder, Mithril Capital

🥼 Old Science Meets New Technology

Advanced and
high-tech imaging.

Most MCG systems rely on liquid helium for operation, a scarce, dwindling and extremely expensive resource. Not CardioFlux.

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🧍🏿Zero Burden for Patients

Designed & built for
patient comfort.

Lie down, get scanned and leave in less than five minutes. It's really as easy as that.

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Right now we are offering scans across multiple registries at Mason’s CardioFlux Imaging Institute. Scans are for research purposes. CardioFlux is not FDA cleared.

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