we're pioneering

An earlier detection of
functionally significant ischemia.

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Building a fully-integrated clinical workflow.

CardioFlux is nearly instant

A full scan is complete in 90 seconds with results delivered in just 5 minutes.

Simple operation & interpretation

Operation certification requires less than 2 hours with interpretation requiring only 4.

Zero patient requirements

No stress, no injections, no radiation. Effectively, no patient burden.

Zero infrastructure requirements

Requiring just a single standard outlet, CardioFlux is effectively plug ‘n’ play.


Advanced, high-tech imaging.

Most MCG systems rely on liquid helium for operation, a scarce, dwindling and extremely expensive resource. Not CardioFlux.

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Designed and built for patient comfort.

Lie down, get scanned and leave in less than five minutes. It's really as easy as that.

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"The team at Genetesis is
pioneering a new era for medical
imaging with an initial focus that is truly revolutionary for cardiovascular health."

Ajay Royan

Managing General Partner & Co-Founder, Mithril Capital

Frequently asked questions

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How much time does an end-to-end CardioFlux MCG appointment normally require?

From patient arrival to departure, appointments for an MCG scan using CardioFlux MCG typically require just 10-15 minutes for the entire patient visit.

To learn more about the CardioFlux experience from a patient’s perspective, check out this 2 minute video walkthrough which we currently share with research trial participants today: https://vimeo.com/667313549.

What is required for my practice or my facility to adopt CardioFlux MCG?

CardioFlux MCG requires empty floorspace of roughly 12 ft. x 26 ft and access to a single standard wall outlet. Transparently, floorspace is typically the only remotely difficult requirement, as there are no unique HVAC, electrical, or magnetic shielding requirements.

How difficult is it to learn how to read and interpret a CardioFlux MCG scan?

Learning how to interpret Magnetic Field Maps (or MFMs) requires less than a day of training and physicians are typically certified within a week of expressing interest. Our automatically generated parameters, designed in a way to be familiar to those with imaging experience, make interpretation simple. To learn more, watch this introduction to basic MFM interpretation by Robert Sokolowski, VP of Clinical, Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Genetesis.

Has CardioFlux MCG been tested with patients who struggle with claustrophobia?

Yes. In our experience, a large majority of patients who mention their claustrophobia (most of whom have had negative experiences with MRI) find themselves able to receive a CardioFlux MCG scan without the need for medication.

Patient surveys point out 3 unique features of CardioFlux MCG which make the experience comparatively easy compared to other modalities:

1. The scan itself is very short (requiring a patient to spend no more than 90-180 seconds inside the device)

2. The scan does not require any moving parts and produces no noise (so a technician may speak with and hear from a patient at all times)

3. Operators are not required to leave the room during a scan and are instead asked to stay by the side of the device for the entire process