Unlocking the heart’s hidden potential.

The Benefits of CardioFlux


CardioFlux does not require radiation, pharmaceuticals or contrast dye.

Fast & Easy

Once the patient is comfortably inside, CardioFlux requires only 90 seconds of scanning time.

Rapid & Dynamic Results

Results are available within 5 minutes of a completed scan and accessed from anywhere.

Fully Integrated Workflow

Reports are seamlessly integrated into clinical workflows allowing physicians to order scans, receive results and generate reports.

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Advanced & High-
Tech Imaging

Most MCG systems rely on liquid helium for operation, a scarce, dwindling and extremely expensive resource. Not CardioFlux.

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Built for Patient Comfort & Ease

Lie down, get scanned and leave in less than 5 minutes. It's as easy as that.

What to Expect

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behind CardioFlux