what to expect

Here's what you can expect from a CardioFlux scan.

CardioFlux is able to measure and display the magnetic signals produced by the electric currents in your heart. It’s non-invasive, requires no exercise, injections or exposure to radiation and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

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Preparing for your scan

Preparing for a CardioFlux scan is quick and simple.

There’s no need to fast for a scan. A CardioFlux clinician will check for and remove metal from your person to ensure a quality scan. Your scan results will be kept private in our HIPAA-compliant software.

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Here's what to expect
during your scan.

No treadmills, no injections, and no radiation. CardioFlux was designed to give your physician the answers they need without any of the stress you would like to avoid.

Step 1, Minute 0
Scan Ordered
Step 2, Minute 1
Scan Prep
Step 3, Minute 3
Enter Device
Step 4, Minute 6
Scan Begins
Step 5, Minute 9
Exiting Device
Step 6, Minute 10
Results Sent

Scan Ordered

⏱️ Step 1, Minute 0

Your doctor orders you a CardioFlux scan. You will then go to the procedure room where the device is located.

Scan Preparation

⏱️ Step 2, Minute 1

Before your scan begins, you will be asked to place all of your removable, metal-containing objects into a tray for safe-keeping.

Scan Ready

⏱️ Step 3, Minute 3

You will be helped onto the CardioFlux bed where you can comfortably lie down. Your clinician will then position the magnetic sensors directly over your heart.

Scan Begins

⏱️ Step 4, Minute 6

Once you’re ready, your clinician will move the bed into the device’s magnetic shield and the scan will start. There's perfect silence, so just enjoy the quiet and the two minutes of comfort.

Scan Over

⏱️ Step 5, Minute 9

After the scan is over, your clinician will let you know that the bed will start moving to remove you from the device. Once the bed moves from under the shield, you will be helped off the bed.

Scan Results

⏱️ Step 6, Minute 10

Your doctor will receive your results in minutes. That’s it!

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