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Here are some of the most common questions we get from patients looking to get a CardioFlux scan.

Frequently asked questions

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What does CardioFlux MCG actually do?

CardioFlux MCG is an FDA-cleared cardiac imaging system that measures the magnetic fields generated by the natural electrical activity of your heart to better understand how well your heart functions. A CardioFlux scan is completely non-invasive and can be performed in as little as 3 minutes. Since CardioFlux measures your heart’s natural activity, it does not require the use of exercise, stress or radiation either.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

Before the day of your appointment, you may want to double-check your confirmation email for the the date, time and location of your scan. At the beginning of your appointment, you will be asked to remove any metal objects you may be wearing as metal can interfere with the quality of your scan. If possible, you may decide to avoid wearing metal to your appointment to speed up this process (e.g., belts, hairpins, jewelry, steel-toe boots). For patients who wear an underwire bra, please consider arriving with an alternate that does not contain any underwire.Check out our Metal Checklist for a complete list of metal items that can reduce the quality of your scan.

Will my information be used in any way?

If you are visiting our facility as part of a clinical trial or registry, your information will be used by the team at Genetesis for research purposes only. Data privacy is very important to us, and any information that is included in research publications or similar public-facing data is kept completely anonymous.

How much time does a CardioFlux appointment normally require?

Start to finish, appointments are typically completed within 10-15 minutes. This includes time to prepare for the scan (i.e. removing any metal), complete the scan, and fill out a brief survey about your experience. For further information, here’s a 2 minute video walkthrough of what you can expect during your appointment.

I’m claustrophobic. Should I be worried about getting a CardioFlux scan?

Almost all patients who are claustrophobic, even those who are unable to get an MRI, are able to successfully complete their CardioFlux scan WITHOUT any medication. Here are three reasons why CardioFlux is so much easier than other tests: The scan is very short (and requires you to spend only 3 minutes inside the device). The scan produces no noise and does not use moving parts (so you can hear from and speak with the technician during the process). The technician remains in the room next to you for the entire process (giving you verbal updates the whole time). Although CardioFlux may look similar to an MRI, it is helpful to remember that they work very differently. CardioFlux is quick and NOTHING like the typical MRI experience.

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