Employee Q&A Series: Yosef Kirschner

Published on
March 2, 2022
Yosef Kirschner
Engineering Manager
Yosef Kirschner shares his unique perspective on engineering at a medical device startup.

Q.   How would you describe what you do at Genetesis?

A.   As an engineering manager at Genetesis, I plan and coordinate new product and sustaining design activities, including providing supervision and guidance to other engineers.  I work to ensure that our clinical users and patients can seamlessly interact with our device and that the hardware we produce meets the highest quality standards.

Q.   What has been the biggest challenge for you in this position?

A.   A regular challenge that I face is ensuring that there are enough resources available to support our robust project pipeline.  As our company continues to grow and develop, we must scale our team appropriately to meet the additional resource needs and I am continuously evaluating how to optimize our resource use and when the time is right to expand our team.

Q.   What unique set of challenges does working in healthcare present?

A.  There are a number of challenges and considerations present in the medical device industry some of which include the high costs and lengthy timelines of product development and the numerous regulatory requirements that exist. Additionally, as more devices are housing users’ personal data, privacy and trust is an increasing security challenge for medical device companies.

Q.   What’s the biggest opportunity facing the engineering team right now?

A.  The engineering team is currently faced with the exciting opportunity to build and test the next generation of magnetocardiography devices and help commercialize a technology that has already existed for a number of years - making it accessible to millions of users worldwide.

Q.   What does success look like in your role? And how is that measured?

A.   Success in my role is me being able to empower my team to perform at a high, innovative level. If I can effectively work with my team to plan projects, assist my team-members in navigating roadblocks, and help foster a collaborative environment, I’ll be able to demonstrate success through traditional project performance metrics such as project scope, schedule, and budget.  

Q.   What engineering roles is Genetesis currently hiring for?

A.  On the engineering side, Genetesis is currently hiring for a Mechanical Design Engineer Co-op, Electrical Engineer Co-op, and a Software Engineer Co-op.  In addition, we are planning to open full-time positions in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering over the next few months.

Q.   What qualities does a Genetesis engineer possess that makes them good at their job?

A.  In addition to having a strong suite of technical skills, Genetesis engineers are critical thinkers who are innately curious and creative.  They also possess excellent communication skills and understand how to listen and receive feedback in order to modify the product and satisfy evolving requirements and conditions.  Our engineers have a growth mindset – they crave new challenges that will accelerate growth, they persist in the face of setbacks, and they view effort as the path to mastery.

Q.   How would you describe the culture of the engineering team and the Genetesis team at large?

A.  Our engineering team possesses a strong organizational culture where individuals can rely on each other and feel supported.  We foster a culture of team and personal growth, and engineers are encouraged to constantly provide feedback and ideas for improvement.  Our team cultivates collaboration through invaluable team bonding events such as offsites and group learning programs.  At Genetesis, we also focus on engineering excellence through constant innovation and technical leadership.