The Genetesis Founding Story as Told by CEO, Peeyush Shrivastava

Published on
November 12, 2021
Peeyush Shrivastava
Genetesis Co-Founder & CEO
We set out to create the world’s most patient-centric and cost effective imaging solution for cardiovascular disease.

Genetesis began in 2013 as an abstract and grandiose vision for a Star Trek-esque future of medical imaging. In the early days of Genetesis, we were humbled by how many incredible scientists and engineers had pursued similar dreams, and fell short.

It wasn’t until the end of 2014, before embarking on a move to Buffalo, New York (where 8 of us would be sharing a 2 bedroom apartment), that we achieved our so-called Eureka moment. We saw our opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants, and to converge 21st century advances in biomagnetism, modern computing, and next-generation sensing into the world’s most advanced magnetocardiography system ever constructed.  

We spent the next several years fervently dedicated to realizing the potential of these technologies; and accordingly, we introduced the world to CardioFux. With CardioFlux, we aim to deliver hospitals, cardiologist offices and most importantly, patients, with the technology need to ensure the best cardiac imaging care possible, without the costs, radiation and frustrations of today’s imaging.

Today, we remain as enthusiastic as ever about our original vision for Genetesis and medical imaging, and we are honored to continue serving the healthcare community. Thank you for your support of our team, and to all those supporting the fight against cardiovascular disease!

Peeyush, Chandan, Vineet and Manny